Adriana C. wrote: Thanks to Elena, math wasn't such a headache. I appreciated the fact that she went out of her way to find more examples and guides to help me understand the subject better. I felt more comfortable and less stressed knowing that her help benefited me a lot. Tests were a lot easier even though it was a summer class. I passed the class and I couldn't be any happier. Thank you Elena(:  8/13/16

Diana A. wrote: Thanks to Mrs. D my son was able to pass unit 8 Geo test with a 98%. My son struggles a bit with dyslexia but Mrs. D was patient with him and even kept texting words of encouragement which helped ease his anxiety and boosted his confidence... Thank you Mrs. D, now to conquer unit 9. 6/1/16

Kane R. wrote: Math is a very difficult subject for me.  My first test I got a B.. Then the next two tests I took I received an F. I was so frustrated with math that I was ready to drop the class. Then I decided to do everything I could to pass class before I quit. That's when I incorporated Elena's help. Her patience made me want to work harder to understand the problems. If working the problem one way did not stick, she would find  different ways to work the problem until I understood it. My next test I missed an A by one point.  Elena's encouragement gave me the confidences to believe that I can pass my math class!  Elena is Ms. Math! p.s we did our corresponding via Skype. 10/28/15

Kelly H.‚Äč wrote: I hate math...really hate math.  If it weren't for Elena, I would not have passed this class.  She's calm, patient, and very knowledgeable.  We were working with a frustrating situation (an uncooperative instructor who was not familiar with the software he had us using), and Elena very doggedly got me to the end of the class in spite of the issues we had no control over.  I'm an adult (54 years), but because of her demeanor, Elena will undoubtedly work well with students of any age.  She tutors elementary math all the way through calculus.  Please call her with confidence! 7/8/15

You can do Math to achieve your goal!

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